Walt Disney: The Biography

In my search for the best Walt Disney biography, I found a few, but my favourite is Walt Disney: An American Original.

Walt Disney was born in December 1901.  He lied about his age, to enable him to fight in the first world war.  By the end of the second world war, the Disney Company was $4, 300,

When he was a young man, a fortune teller told Walt that he would not live until 35.  Although this scared him somewhat, Disney lived, and for his 46th Christmas present he was able to buy himself an electric train.  Walt’s obsession with trains can be witnessed in his Disney parks.

Disneyland opened in 1955 and within seven weeks of opening, one million people had visited the park and it wasn’t long before plans were underway to build Walt Disney World in Florida.  Unfortunately, Walt Disney died before the opening of Walt Disney World, and President Johnson wrote to his wife Lilly – “The magic of Walt Disney was larger than life, and the treasures he left will endure to entertain and enlighten worlds to come.”