Tomorrowland Attractions

Magic Kingdom: Tomorrowland AttractionsWhen Disney World’s Tomorrowland first opened, it was clearly modelled on Walt Disney’s vision of the future. However, as we all now, the future eventually comes round. This is still a great part of the Magic Kingdom though, with unmissable Walt Disney World attractions, including Space Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Do note – if you want to ride Space Mountain – you should come here first to avoid lines later.Tomorrowland Attraction ReviewsSpace MountainOne of the Magic Kingdom’s headliner attractions. This is a high speed rollercoaster, in the dark, where passengers are seated in rockets (note, you are seated one in front of the other not side by side).Scare Factor 4Our OpinionMay be a little too scary for anyone under the age of 8, or anyone with a fear of rollercoasters. We love this ride. It doesn’t go upside down, so you are only fastened in by lap bars, and this adds to the feeling that you are actually zipping through space in a rocket. Come early to this one, or prepare to wait. We would advise doing this, then going on over to Big Thunder and Splash, if you only have one day in the Magic Kingdom. Note – if you have ridden Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris, the Disney World one is much tamer, but just as much fun.Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger SpinAnother Magic Kingdom headliner. Come early or grab a fastpass. This is your chance to save the planet from the evil Emporer Zurg. Your space vehicle holds two people and you will both have a lazer gun, to zap the baddies. You can even spin your car to get a better shot.Scare Factor 1Our opinionThis fun ride is one of the most addictive in Walt Disney World. Whether you’re travelling with children or without, you may find yourself riding it more than once, if only to try to beat your opponent’s score.Astro OrbiterAnother mainstream circular fairground ride, where you spin in a rocket ship through the air, with spectacular views of the Magic Kingdom.Scare Factor 3Our OpinionNot a must do for us. This ride is a little dated, and too similar to what you can get in your average fairground. But, many children find it appealing particularly at night. The rockets do spin high, and if you’re afraid of heights, it’s definitely one to avoid.Tomorrowland Indy SpeedwayIf you’ve been to a fairground, outside of Walt Disney World you’ll have seen these small racing cars, which you drive slowly round a track.Scare Factor 1Our OpinionWe try to avoid this one, unless the kids insist. Apart from the long lines, due to the slow loading, we don’t like this one because most young kids are not tall enough to actually drive the cars themselves, which takes all the fun out of it.Stitch’s Great EscapeThis attraction replaced the psychologically terrifying Alien Encounter, which was far too scary for kids. You are fastened into chairs in a circular theatre. The mischievous Stitch has been arrested, but breaks free, and begins to cause havoc.Scare Factor 2Our OpinionThis attraction may scare smaller children, as the theatre does become dark at some points. But it is more silly than scary. Our children thought it was hilarious, but we didn’t really share their amusement. If you have kids with you and Stitch is one of their favourites, try it. If you’re travelling without kids, you might want to skip it. Not Disney World at it’s best.Tomorrowland Transit AuthorityTram ride through tomorrowland.Scare Factor 1Our opinionThis is a great Walt Disney World attraction for young children who are too young, or scared to ride space mountain. They can still experience the thrill of riding through part of space mountain, but in a slow, non-scary way. Lines go down quickly for this attraction, so no need to do it early.Walt Disney’s Carousel of ProgressThis attraction takes you through the lives of an audio-animatronic family, over several generations, showing improvements in technology and communications.Scare Factor 1This nostalgic attractions shows how technology has made lives easier over the decades. It is interesting, but may bore the youngest children, who are already used to the fun and whimsy of other parts of the Magic Kingdom.

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