Liberty Square Attractions

Liberty Square is home to a few Magic Kingdom attractions, including the Haunted Mansion and the Hall of Presidents.

The Haunted Mansion

In this Walt Disney World headliner attraction, you wait in a room, which appears to stretch, before boarding your doom buggy through the Mansion. The audio-animatronics here are outstanding, and some of the singing and dancing happy haunts are most realistic. Doom buggy’s seat two – but sometimes an extra can squash in – even if they’re not invited!

Scare Factor 2

Although some children who are too young to seperate fantasy from reality, may be scared by this attraction, it really is more fun than scary. In our opinion, the special effects here are some of Disney World’s best, and we would not miss it. Try to get there before 11 am, get a fast pass, or try it later in the evening.

The Hall of Presidents

A show about America’s history, which features life sized, realistic audio-audioanimatronic copies of each of America’s presidents.

Scare Factor 1

Despite being English, we enjoy this attraction, although some people say it bores them to tears.

The President’s are amazingly realistic. But, we would not do this one every trip, and children may get bored in here.

Liberty Square Riverboat

Large old fashioned boat ride.

Scare factor 1

Not a must do for us. But, younger kids seem to like it, and it can be a nice way to escape the heat and crowds.

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