Frontierland Attractions

Magic Kingdom: Frontierland Attractions

Disney World’s Frontierland, in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, is home to two of Walt Disney World’s most popular attractions, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain. Try to hit these two earlier in the day.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

A runaway train zips you through a goldmine, whizzing you in and out of the tunnels. The scenery is authentic, with steaming pools, and audio-animatronic animals. The ride is a rollercoaster, built to resemble a train, and two passengers sit side by side.

Scare factor 4

Our view: This is one of Disney World’s most popular attractions, and lines can build up quickly. We love this ride. Do get there first thing in the morning, or get a fast pass, as lines build up quickly. If you get chance, try to do the ride both in the daytime and at night, as both experiences are completely different. Although the ride is mild compared to most coaster, it can be scary to some adults and children under 8.

Splash Mountain

A log flume ride which takes you on a journey through the Song of the South. The audioanimatronics are cute, and the story is based on Brer Fox’s attempts to capture Brer Rabbit. The final plunge is a breathtaking 52 ft high – and yes, you will get wet.

Scare Factor 4

Our view: Another of our Magic Kingdom favourites, but you will need a fast pass, or visit first thing in the morning before Big Thunder. The audio-animatronics in this ride make it a huge hit with young children and adults alike. Unfortunately the final drop scares many young kids, and some adults off. My daughter, at 8 refuses point blank to ride, even though she has ridden some of the scarier rides and loved them.

Country Bear Jamboree

This is an audio-animatronic show, starring about 20 bears. The humour and singing is great fun – an all round family show lasting about 25 minutes.

Scare Factor 1

Our view: Although we don’t do this show every trip, we do love it. It’s fun for all ages – particularly for younger children. Although the theatre is large, lines can build up quickly. At the busier times of the year, try to get there 20-30 minutes before show time.

Tom Sawyer Island

This is a huge playground for kids, right in the middle of the lake in Adventureland and accessed by rafts which transport you across.

Scare Factor 1

Our view: Although the island isn’t a must do, it can be a peaceful place to escape the Magic Kingdom crowds mid-day, if you’re not planning to go back to your hotel to rest.

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