Fantasyland Attractions

The Fantasyland section of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is a must do for families with young children. Hit this section of the park as soon as it opens, and if you’re staying in a Walt Disney World hotel, take advantage of extra magic hours if you can.

Fantasyland Bottlenecks

Dumbo – do Dumbo first, before anything else, or you could wind up having a long wait later. The attraction is extremely popular with young children and it loads and unloads slowly.

Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel – Do this one straight after Dumbo, for the same reasons.

The Many Adventures of Whinnie the Pooh – get a fastpass, or do this one third. Next do Peter Pan’s flight, then Snow White’s Scary Adventure, before returning to The Many Adventures of Whinnie the Pooh if you didn’t ride it earlier. You’ll spend a lot less time waiting in line if you get these Disney World bottlenecks out of the way.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Soar through the story of Peter Pan in a boat in the sky. Beneath, see the twinkling lights of London, with Big Ben looming over. You will laugh as Captain Hook comes to a well deserved end.

Scare Factor 3

Our view: This attraction is a Walt Disney World must do each trip, for both adults and kids. Although it is not particularly scary – those with a great fear of heights may be a little scared.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures

A short ride through the story of Snow White, who is being followed through the forest by the wicked Queen.

Scare Factor 3

Our view: Not a must do for me, but the kids like it. It is a short ride and the darkness and the frequent appearances of the wicked witch can scare some small children. This ride is way to short to justify waiting in line for – ride it early in the day, or if you don’t have kids with you, skip it in favour of one of Disney World’s better attractions.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant

A circular ride, the type you see in most fairgrounds. The ride is based on dumbo the flying elephant. The elephant’s are controllable, which allows you to move them up and down. Despite seeming like an everyday fairground attraction, Dumbo is the most popular ride with young children, in the whole of Walt Disney World.

Scare Factor 1

Our View: Despite the fact that this seems like an ordinary fairground attraction, there is something magical about riding Dumbo, and seeing the views over the Magic Kingdom first thing in the morning. If you have young children do this ride as soon as you arrive at the park, to avoid lines of over an hour later in the day.

Cinderella’s Golden Carousel

A beautifully painted spinning carousel.

Scare Factor 1

Our view: As with Dumbo, even though this is a fairly regular fairground attraction, riding these beautifully painted horses in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is a magic experience. We would not miss this attraction with young children.

It’s a Small World

A gentle boat ride featuring hundreds of singing and dancing children from different cultures.

Scare Factor 1

Our view: Ride this more than once, and you will find yourself singing the song to yourself without meaning to. It is another must do with young children, and there’s so much to see, no matter how many times you ride it.

Once they get to eight – children suddenly hate this ride, or at least they pretend to. Do it after you’ve experienced the other Fantasyland attractions. It is just as popular as other Disney World rides for small children, but it loads and unloads quickly, so the lines aren’t nearly as bad.

The Many Adventures of Whinnie The Pooh

A fun ride in a honey pot, through Pooh’s world. You not only get to see some magic special effects, but at one point you also get to see what it feels like to bounce like Tigger.

Scare Factor 1

Our view: A Disney World must with small children and we recommend doing this early in the day, either riding it after Dumbo and the Carousel, or getting a fastpass. This is one of the newer fantasyland attractions and the special effects are excellent.

Mad Tea Party

One of those circular spinning tea cups rides – similar to the ones you see in many fairgrounds. There is a wheel in the middle which lets you spin the cup faster.

Scare Factor 1

Young children love this ride, but if you have older children, consider letting them ride without you. Last time I rode this with my kids, they spun the teacup so fast, that I almost threw up, and could barely walk for an hour.

Mickey’s PhilarMagic

This brilliant 3D show is one of Walt Disney World’s newest attractions, and should not be missed. The hilarious show, with fantastic special effects, stars many favourite Disney characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Ariel.

Scare Factor 1

Our opinion – Don’t miss this show and do get a fast pass. We think this is Disney World’s best 3D show to date.

Ariel’s Grotto

A chance to meet Ariel in her Grotto. There’s also a children’s play area here.

Scare Factor 1

Our Opinion – Unless your child is a big fan of Ariel, you might want to miss this one, as lines do get long. The play area appeals to young children and if the weather is hot, you may want to take them there to drench themselves one of Disney World’s many interactive fountains.

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