Disney World Attractions

Walt  Disney World is a massive 43 mile square resort.  If you’re wondering how many  disney theme parks are in the world, there are four main parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.There’s also numerous other attractions, including two water parks, shops, nightclubs, golf, fishing, restaurants and thousands of hotel rooms within the  Walt Disney World Resort.It is difficult to imagine the scope of Disney World, if you have never  visited, and even more difficult to imagine doing everything there.  Even after  several visits, it is physically impossible to do everything.  To see the bulk  of the main Walt Disney World attractions you need to  allow yourself at least six days, preferably with rest days in between.  We  recommend spending at four half days at the Magic Kingdom, four half days in Epcot, two half days in Disney Studios and two half days in the Animal Kingdom.We know that not everyone has that much vacation time, so please check out  the guides to each park to help you decide on your Disney World “must do’s”.

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