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Disney’s Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants

Cinderella’s Royal Table: This restaurant, inside the castle, in the Magic Kingdom Park, is the most difficult reservation to get in the whole of WDW.  The appeal is the fact that it is inside the castle and also you get to meet the Princesses.  Review coming soon

The Crystal Palace – This character buffet is housed in a beautiful turn of the century glass building.  Winnie the Pooh, Tiger, Eeyore and Piglet can be found here, and there is a seperate low counter buffet for kids.
Open for Breakfast 8am to 10.30am, Lunch 11.30am to 2.45pm and Dinner 4pm to park closing.

Our opinion: We love the pretty setting of this place, and the characters rotate so that each table will get to see each character once.  However, we found the restaurant got a little messy and busy.  Last time we ate there, we didn’t find much in the selection of entrees that we enjoyed, but the desserts, as usual were to die for.

Liberty Tree Tavern – Situated in a colonial style building, in Liberty Square in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  This character meal is different in that it’s a pre-plated affair, rather than a buffet.  Characters here are include Minnie, Goofy and Pluto (sometimes other characters appear, including Daisy Duck and Mickey).  Dinner is all you can eat pre-plated dinner of turkey, beef, pork and potatoes.  Lunch choices include cider cured salmon, chicken salad and New England Pot Roast.

Our Opinion:  We prefer the lunch selection here to the dinner.  If you like meat and potatoes slapped on a plate the dinner may appeal to you.  To avoid disappointment please note, characters only appear at dinner. The atmosphere is lovely, and the character interaction is good.

The Plaza – Review coming soon

Disney World Epcot Table Service Restaurants

Dining in Epcot in Walt Disney World is an international experience.  Each restaurant in Epcot’s World Showcase is themed on the particular land in each pavillion.

Biergarten – This buffet restaurant is situated in the Epcot World Showcase Germany pavillion.  Offerings include salads, schnitzel, chicken and various german sausages.  Also they feature several German beers, including Becks.  Open for lunch and dinner.

Our Opinion – This restaurant always seems a bit chaotic and noisy.  Food was ok, but nothing outstanding.  If you want a quick buffet meal in a lively atmosphere, this might be for you.  It’s not a must do for us, as there are much nicer choices elsewhere in Epcot.

Le Cellier Steakhouse – This restaurant is housed in the wine cellar in Epcot’s Canada Pavillion.  It is a lovely place to escape the crowds and food includes filet mignon, maple glazed salmon and mussels.  This is probably one of the  most popular restaurants in Disney World so do make your reservations early to avoid dissapointment. Open for lunch 11.30 to 3 and dinner 4.30 to park closing

Our Opinion: This place just gets better and better and it is our favourite in the whole of Epcot.  The filet mignon is one of the best we’ve ever eaten, and the Cheddar Cheese Soup is out of this world.  Book early.  This restaurant now only requires one credit for those on the Disney Dining plan, so it’s likely to get even busier.

Les Chefs De France – A lovely little french restaurant.  Meal choices include beef fillet in sauce au poivre, lamb shank and seared tuna.  Theming is very french and staff are friendly and knowledgable.

Open for: lunch – 12 to 4 and dinner 4.30 to park closing.

Our opinion – If you want to enjoy an romantic meal in Epcot, this is an excellent choice.  The creme brulee is excellent.  Not to completely discourage families with young children – but there are better places to take them for dinner in Walt Disney World.

Coral Reef – coming soon.

The Garden Grill Restaurant – At this character lunch you are seated in a circular restaurant, which rotates to give you great views of the Epcot’s Land pavillion.  This was a pleasant lunch, with excellent food.  Last time we ate there, we took a late lunch so character interaction was great.

Open noon to 3.30.

Our opinion –

All in all a great experience which we would definitely do again.  It’s not a must do – mostly because you can see Chip and Dale in many places in Disney World.  Did you know, Chip and Dale are average size, so there’s more CM’s who fit into their costumes, which is why you see Chip and Dale more than any other character

Nine Dragon’s Restaurant – coming soon

L’Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante – coming soon

Restaurant Akershus – coming soon.

Restaurant Marrakesh – One of Disney World’s most unusual restaurants.  It is a restaurant in an   authentic Morrocan setting, featuring belly dancers and extremely loud music.  A family dining place, featuring kebabs, roasted lamb and lemon chicken.  Open for lunch and dinner.

Our opinion: The music here was way too loud when the belly dancer was performing.  It felt like a club as opposed to an Epcot restaurant.  Service was slow.  My appetiser – chicken Bastilla was lovely.  But the kebabs we had as entrees were bland and tasteless.  I had heard good reports, so maybe we made a bad choice of entrees.  We might go back sometime – if they tone down the noise level – it was deafening.

Rose and Crown Dining Room – An authentic British Pub Lunch.  Offerings include Bangers and Mash, Fish and Ships and Sheperd’s pie.   Also, plenty of British Beers and Lagers are on offer and even Guinness.  Open from 11.30 to 4pm and dinner 4.30 to park closing.

Our Opinion: Because we’re British, we don’t often eat here, as we like to try something different on vacation.  I have a British pub within two minutes walk of my front door and it’s actually called the Rose and Crown.  You should try the Shepherds Pie – one of my favourites.  Also, try to get a table on the patio, during the fireworks, as you’ll have a fantastic view.

San Angel Inn and Restaurant – this restaurant is in the Mexico Pavillion and overlooks the El Rio de Tempo boat ride.  Food is typical mexican cuisine with tacos and nachos and the like.  Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

Our Opinion: Whilst the restaurant is in a lovely setting we feel the tables are a tad to close together.  The food there is nice, but nothing different to what you could get at your local mexican, and the prices are astronomical in comparison.  Still, if you love mexican food and want a nice meal in a romantic setting, I don’t think you would go wrong, so long as you don’t mind the cost.

Teppanyaki Dining Room – This is a great place to come for a fun family dinner before the fireworks.  If you’ve never eaten Japanese food before don’t be put off.  Food offerings include sushi, and also chicken, beef, scallops and shrimp.

Diners are seated at a huge table (you sit among strangers, but don’t let that put you off).  The chef cooks at the table and entertains guests by juggling various food items.

Open for lunch 12 to 3.45 and diner 4.30 to park closing.

Our opinion – This is the restaurant our kids always talk about.  They love the interaction with the chefs.  The food here is also excellent, and it’s a great place to eat before the fireworks.  To add a bit more authenticity, try some saki, or green tea after your dinner.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant – Review coming soon

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