Disney Hotels & Villas

If you’re not sure where you want to stay for your Walt Disney World vacation, then read on.

Trying to decide whether to stay on or off site at Disney World can be difficult. Because there’s so much competition in Orlando, there’s so much on offer at both on and off-site hotels, that it’s difficult to choose.

Luckily, that huge amount of competition can also mean huge hotel discounts for those of us who are taking a trip to Walt Disney World.

Before we go on with the questions, you might be wondering what I prefer. After all, I’m lucky enough to have lost count of the number of times I’ve visited Walt Disney World, so I obviously have an opinion. Well, I’ve stayed inside Walt Disney World and in offsite hotels and I prefer both for different reasons.

When we’re only visiting Walt Disney World, we prefer to stay in a Walt Disney World resort hotel, or one of the hotels close to Disney World. But, when we’re touring non-disney attractions, we prefer to split my trip and stay in an off-site hotel for part of the time. And if we’re touring as a larger group, a villa with a pool near to Walt Disney World is a better option.

But everyone has different wants and needs. So read on and ask yourself the following questions, to help you choose the right hotel or villa for your Walt Disney World Trip.

Are you visting Walt Disney World for only four days maximum, without a car and not visiting other Orlando, Florida attractions? If your answer is yes – you should definitely consider staying in a Walt Disney World Resort, in order to maximise your time there.

Visiting for four days or less but will have a car with you, and only visiting Disney property? This is a tough choice and it depends whether your priority is maximizing your time, or saving money. If you want to see as much as possible in the time you have, I highly recommend staying on Disney property. If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend staying off-site, but as close to Walt Disney World as you possibly can.

Visiting for more than four days, without a car, and splitting time between Disney and other parks?
If your stay is at least seven days long, you could split your stay, staying in WDW for part of your trip, and in an off-site hotel with shuttle service for the off-site part.

Do make sure to check whether the off-site hotel charges for the shuttle service, as some do charge a lot. The other option would be to stay off property the whole trip – make sure you choose one that has a good shuttle service, preferably with shuttles running frequently throughout the day.

Visiting for more than four days without a car and just doing Disney? Stay on Disney property if you can afford to do so for that length of time. If not, stay at one of the excellent offsite Orlando hotels, close to Disney property. There are some great deals and many of them include free breakfast and a shuttle service to the parks.

Visiting for more than four days, with a car, and doing both Disney Parks and other Orlando attractions? Either split your stay or stay off property. Having a car and staying in an Orlando villa or condo is nice. You have the extra space, and can save a heap on dining

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