Disney Hotel Discounts

Disney World Resort hotel discounts are available most of the year round if you know how to get one.  Often discounts are better on a room only basis.  But sometimes Disney World vacation packages offer a massive saving too.

Vacation packages for Disney World have not always been a great deal, when compared to purchasing everything separately. However, for the past few years, Disney have offered a vacation package during late August through September, which includes free dining when you stay at one of their hotels. Obviously, if you’re planning to travel at this time of year, it’s worth watching out for this Disney World package.

If your heart is set on a hotel room inside Walt Disney World itself, a little patience and persistence is needed. You may not get a discount on your best hotel choice on your first attempt, and it is often worth reserving a different Disney hotel as a back up, in case you are unable to secure a discount at your preferred one.

Disney often don’t release resort hotel discounts until at least three months in advance, and you have to be on the ball to get one before they’re all gone.

There are four main Disney World hotel categories: value, moderate, deluxe and home away from home. Typically, the deluxe and home away from home resorts attract the best deals.

First, go to the official Disney website and sign up to receive Disney newsletters and mailings on any special offers. If they bring out any special vacation packages for Disney World, hopefully you will receive an email. Also, keep checking the site periodically. In the tickets and reservations section of the site, they give details of any current specials and packages.

Another option is to call Disney reservations and ask outright for their best deal n a Disney hotel. It is best to call about three months prior to your trip, but it wouldn’t hurt to start calling sooner. You may need to call several times before you have any luck, but be persistent, and don’t worry about calling a lot. Disney World has a lot of hotel reservationists so it’s doubtful that you’ll get the same one twice.

When you call, ask if your preferred Disney World hotel is available. When they give you the price, it is best to tell them it sounds a little expensive, and ask if they have any discounts, manager’s specials or discounted vacation packages for Walt Disney World hotels. If you don’t get lucky and they have no discounts at the other WDW hotels either, just keep calling, as the best discounts on Disney hotel rooms come and go all the time and they will be snapped up quickly once they are released.

You could also try for an up-sell. For example, maybe you’re trying to get a discount on a Disney deluxe on hotel room. First, check availability at Disney’s website, to see if there is any availability at one of the moderate resorts, for your trip dates. If there isn’t, you may be in luck.

Call Disney reservations immediately, and ask if there’s availability at one of the moderate resorts. If they say no, ask if there’s anything else available. They may immediately try to up-sell you to a deluxe resort, at a lower rate, or they may just give you the full price. If they do that, just tell them it’s too expensive and ask if they have any discounts.

Up-sells are quite common for Disney World hotels, as they make more money from you if you are staying in a deluxe resort. Dining costs are higher, plus they hope that once they’ve got you hooked on an expensive resort, you’ll pay rack rate to stay there on future trips.

Be careful though – you might get hooked on the Polynesian, or the Grand Floridian which is the best hotel to stay in Disney World property, and also the most expensive.

You could also consider buying an Annual Passport. Annual pass holders are eligible for some of the best discounts on Disney hotel rooms. Again, you have to keep calling to get one, but it’s worth it. An annual passport can be good value for money if you’re spending at least seven days in Disney’s four main theme parks, in a twelve month period. To find out more about Annual passes visit the official Disney website.

Remember, you have just as much chance as anyone else, of getting a discounted Disney World vacation package or hotel room. You just need to be persistent.

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