Adventureland Attractions

Adventureland, in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, has a tropical theme and aside from great attractions, it’s a lovely place to sit and eat an ice cream whilst you watch the crowds go by.

Jungle Cruise

This fun boat ride through the jungle is one of oldest attractions.  An adventure loving guide will take you through the jungle, on the way pointing out some of the great wildlife – cute elephants, and not so great wildlife – snakes!  You even get to see cannibals – luckily you don’t get so close.

Scare factor 1

This attraction isn’t scary, even for the youngest of children.  It’s an old attraction, and obvious to everyone that the animals are just audio-animatronics.  Some say this Magic Kingdom attraction has had it’s day, but for us it’s a must do each trip.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean was revamped in 2006, to include the famous Captain Jack Sparrow from the film, and it is scheduled to reopen in time for the release of the second Pirates of the Caribbean film.  The ride was already one of WDW’s headliners, and hopefully the new additions will improve it even further.

Basically it is a boat ride through a town under siege by pirates.  The audio-animatronics in here are some of the most realistic you will see in the whole of Disney World.

Watch out for the drunken pig, and the pirates in jail, trying to coax the dog to give them the key.

Scare Factor 2

This is one of our favourite rides in the Magic Kingdom, and it’s not scary in general.  However, the boat goes down a small drop at the beginning and it’s quite dark during this part of the ride, which may scare young children a little.  But, the ride will appeal to most WDW visitors, young and old.

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This attraction is similar to Dumbo in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, except passengers are flying on magic carpets, instead of flying elephants.  Although similar to most fairground rides, younger kids tend to love this ride, and adults too.  The controls on each carpet allow you to move the carpet up and down.

Scare Factor 1

Not in the least bit scary, for most people, apart from those scared of heights.  My husband is terrified on this ride, but he even gets scared on Dumbo.  My kids love this attraction – even the 11 year old.

Enchanted Tiki Birds

A show featuring audio-animatronic birds.  The audience are seated on wooden benches.  Things start out jolly enough but, a new owner has bought the show, and things start to go wrong when he upsets the Tiki Gods.

Scare factor 2

Although not an unmissable WDW attraction, still an enjoyable show and a great way to take a break from the mid-day heat.  The show has the potential to frighten some young children, as it gets dark in parts, and there is thunder and lightening.

Swiss Family Treehouse

This is a walk through attraction as opposed to an actual ride.  It is a visually stunning replica of the treehouse from the Disney Film – Swiss Family Robinson film.

Not an unmissable Walt Disney World attraction but worth seeing once, if time permits.  And if you’re getting exhausted, send the kids in whilst you have a well deserved rest outside.

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